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"You THINK !?"

Sometimes we run across interesting situations and will share them with you if they are related to safety.  The title of this segment "You think !?" comes from an incident I witnessed some years ago.  The conversation was something like...."Man oh man, I guess I should have tied the anchor to the boat first..."  The retort from his spouse was "You THINK !?"

Never use more than 1/3 fuel capacity to your destination.

The boat being towed ran out of fuel.  Fortunately, the owners of the gasless boat had some friends nearby who were willing to provide a tow.

Always use the 1/3 rule.  Use no more than 1/3 of your available fuel on the way out from port.  That will always leave you with 2/3's for bad weather...or giving someone else a tow. 

Picture of Coastie, the Coast Guard Tugboat

Check the tide charts for your boating area. I don't know, maybe the owner of this boat wanted to be grounded, but there are better ways of getting out of the water. 

Check the most recent tide charts.

Picture of Coastie, the Coast Guard Tugboat

This is the worst use of an aide to navigation we have ever seen.  The pilot of this speed boat hit the marker "dean on" almost splitting the entire front half of the boat in two. 

Have a sober, reliable look out at all times.

Obey all rules.  This boat was almost split in half!

Picture of Coastie, the Coast Guard Tugboat

Save a life!  Wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

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